Skip the boilerplate.

Users, Roles & Permissions,
Subscriptions, Billing...

...all handled by RemoteAuth, so you can focus
on building your application.

Beta release coming soon!

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Let us handle registration, login, & password resets.

Communicate with RemoteAuth via the OAuth2 protocol.


Built-in support for roles and permissions.

Use our UI to manage roles and permissions for users and then use our API to verify a user's access.


Does your application offer subscriptions? Do you bill for those subscriptions?

Setup your subscriptions in RemoteAuth and we'll take care of the rest.


Built-in application billing for your subscriptions via Stripe.

All you need to do is connect your Stripe account to RemoteAuth.

How does it work?

RemoteAuth is a web-based SaaS application which manages your
Users, Roles & Permissions, Subscriptions, and Billing.

Users authenticate via the Oauth2 protocol, and then your application communicates with RemoteAuth via an API.

Let's take a look at an example.

Create your Application

Dave has a podcast hosting service called "Awesome Podcasts", where users can host their podcasts.

Dave creates an application representing "Awesome Podcasts" in RemoteAuth.

Oauth2 Configuration

Dave uses his favorite Oauth2 library to setup RemoteAuth as an Identity Provider within "Awesome Podcasts".

At this point, Dave's users can login to "Awesome Podcasts" using RemoteAuth.

Roles & Permissions

Dave's application requires that only podcast owners can upload new episodes of the podcast.

He then configures a new Role and Permission inside RemoteAuth, which he can assign to users, and access via the RemoteAuth API.


Dave also offers a premium service for "Awesome Podcasts". He needs a way for users to subscribe to the premium service.

After connecting his Stripe account, Dave configures his subscription terms.

His users are now able to subscribe to the premium service, handled by RemoteAuth.